International Strategy


The EIL Côte d’Opale continues to develop and strengthen partnerships with universities, institutions or research centers based abroad through six research laboratories of the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (LARJ, LISIC, LMPA, LOG, LPCA, UDSMM).

The international aspect of the engineering curriculum is already strong: all engineering students at the end of their first year have to complete a work placement abroad. We also urge our engineering students to go abroad again in third year, for either a semester of study or a semester-long internship.

The EIL Côte d’Opale also promotes and encourages teaching, administrative and technical mobility.

The EIL Côte d’Opale wishes to advance its know-how and training programs into geographical areas identified as strategic for the school, such as North Africa, the Lebanon and China. Its objective is to increase resolutely international influence by developing an international culture, through the diversity of backgrounds of our student body.

Strategies in this regard:

Providing the means to welcome more foreign students

It is necessary to provide a quality service to give them every opportunity to integrate into EIL Côte d’Opale.

– The opening of residences which house engineering students, particularly for those arriving for the first time in France
– Reinforce learning French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

  • Develop outward mobility and exchanges 

Each student engineer of EIL Côte d’Opale, who starts an internship or semester abroad is an ambassador for the school and can encourage vocations. In addition, exchanges between teachers and researchers are encouraged for actions related to research and teaching.

A selection board is held annually to select engineering students who wish to go abroad. The selection criteria are:

– Their level in the language of the country of destination
– The general level and results in other disciplines
– The choice of modules to study, supervised by the Director of Studies of third year
– The reasons for the engineering student to represent their school.

  • Develop new partnerships as well as strengthening old ones

Our philosophy is not to increase contracts with several institutions, but to establish stable and profitable relationships for our engineering students on a social, cultural and scientific level.

Purpose of the Department of International Relations:

– Promote studying abroad and assist students in their steps towards international mobility (study abroad and foreign work placements)
– Develop our school’s partnerships with foreign institutions
– Guide/monitor foreign engineering students throughout their time at our school
– Represent the school in associations and institutions.

Contact International Relations

Head of International Relations
03 21 17 10 16 (Calais)  – 03 21 38 85 70 (Longuenesse)